Your success depends on your ability to build trust in crucial relationships and negotiate value in every deal. You know that personal and professional development is the key to building your confidence and credibility. You’re motivated to lead by example, knowing that taking up a challenge will boost your career as well as your capabilities.


You’re working tirelessly to build a business that you’re passionate about. You’re juggling clients, suppliers, alliances, and maybe your first employees. Tough decisions need to be made and you’re realising that the need to strategize and build strong and profitable relationships is at the heart of everything you do.


You’re a leader in a small to medium sized business and you realise that scaling is the key to future success. You’re on the path to developing, aligning and empowering your team to unlock ongoing value for your business. Fortifying key relationships is crucial to your plan.


You’re leading a team in the competitive corporate environment. You want to develop a structured best-practice approach when it comes to negotiating with your internal and external stakeholders. You know that unlocking the value in your business relationships requires collaboration, not combat.

Who We Are

At the Trusted Negotiator, we know what it’s like to feel lost at sea when it comes to doing deals and navigating conflict. We’ve been there ourselves, with over 200 years’ of combined experience negotiating even the stormiest of waters – from small business and social enterprise, to corporate mega-deals and global diplomacy.

We've learnt that doing better business is about cultivating a robust mindset and skillset. While tactics are useful, on their own they’re more likely to spark mutiny than foster profitable relationships. Good deals are anchored in an awareness that value comes from emotional intelligence, conscious strategy and trust.

Our goal is to develop, support and connect a global community of Trusted Negotiators, captains of their industry, who can lead their organisations towards success.

Welcome aboard!

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