With over 200 years of combined expertise across fields as diverse as corporate leadership, diplomacy and social enterprise, at the Trusted Negotiator our aim is to be at the helm of a better way of doing business. We believe that doing business consciously and not combatively, with a good compass, an excellent tool kit and a robust mindset, is the way to unlock value in every business relationship.

We are committed change makers, and promoting better and more fulfilling business practices is at the heart of what we do.

We work with entrepreneurs and corporate leaders involved in crucial conversations with clients, suppliers, investors, partners or internal stakeholders who need to be fully equipped to secure outstanding value for their business. Our goal is for our clients to become Trusted Negotiators they need to be, networked into a supportive crew of fellow negotiators, and with the confidence that comes from feeling capable and supported.

We know that good negotiation is not about ruthless tactics and timely one-liners. Self-awareness, the emotional intelligence that comes with it, and a strategy shaped by your organisational purpose are integral to creating trust and value.

We look forward to helping you develop the mindset and skillset that ensures you feel confident, in control and ready to consistently make outstanding deals. Deals that deliver tangible business value, enhance your stakeholder relationships and position your reputation as a Trusted Negotiator.

Meet Our Team

How are we different?

At the Trusted Negotiator we believe in a conscious and emotionally intelligent approach to negotiation - the application of a robust mindset and skillset to unlock the value in your business relationships. Your negotiations are your accountable moments. These crucial conversations are your opportunity to make a positive impact and build lasting relationships. Becoming a Trusted Negotiator is not just about coming out on top in a one-off deal.

Our approach centres on four key areas, all crucial to making the conscious decisions that equate to doing better business.

Building Your Internal Capability

We believe that the best way to serve you is to help your business gain self-reliance rather than build dependence on external consultants or trainers. Our primary objective is to help you develop internal negotiation capability – gain Trusted Negotiators for your team who can lead important negotiations, develop, coach and mentor others and sustain a culture of trust, leadership and negotiation excellence

Maximum ROI on Time & Money

Your time away from "doing your job" is an opportunity cost. We turn it into a high yielding investment. Beyond training, we use the latest in adult learning methodology, gamification and learning transfer experiences to ensure that learning is engaging, relevant, practical and produces behavioural change. Only changed behaviour can lead to consistently better negotiation outcomes and business performance.

Developing Skillset and Mindset

What separates the pros from the amateurs is not just their well-honed tactical negotiation skills. It's also their ability to tap into their emotional and spiritual intelligence to manage their own and their counterpart's mindset, building trust and collaboration. We teach you both.

Connecting to Strategy, Leadership & Culture

Your deals don't happen in a vacuum. A great deal outcome is deeply rooted in your organization's culture and leadership. Moreover, skilled negotiators understand how they bring the overall business strategy to life in their deals. We help you connect these dots.

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