Deal Support

Being an entrepreneur can feel lonely and isolating. It also presents a major challenge when it comes to dealing with important clients, suppliers, joint venture partners or investors – lack of support, exchange of ideas and trusted advice when the stakes are high. When a crucial conversation can send your business soaring or plummeting, you can’t afford to “experiment”.
If you have an urgent and important deal on the table, but don’t have a proven negotiation skillset nor the time to develop it, get a Trusted Negotiator on deck. Now you can leverage our 200+ years of collective deal making experience to get your deals done. Get help with:

  • Deal strategy
  • Preparation
  • Representation at the table
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Deal Implementation

You can fully delegate your negotiation to The Trusted Negotiator under a Do It For You (D4U) level of service, where we take care of the entire process, lead and close the deal.
Alternatively, you can stay in the driver’s seat and be “the face” of the negotiation, but have the benefit of an experienced Trusted Negotiator as your “co-pilot”. You get to leverage our knowledge and experience, apply it to your deal, and get all the credibility for the outstanding outcome with your stakeholders. This Do It With You (DWU) level of service not only delivers outstanding deal process and outcomes, but also enables you to learn as you go, thus polishing your own negotiation capability.