WIN-WITH® Negotiation Skills.

We transform not only negotiations,

but people and their impact.

A 2 day negotiation skills bootcamp that will help you harness your mental, emotional and spiritual resources to unlock and amplify your relationships, influence and value.

We bring together our real life experience of over two centuries in negotiation to develop and qualify Trusted Negotiators, who have the mindset and skillset to build trust in relationships and unlock the abundance of value inherent in even the toughest conversations.

"In an even more complex and transparent world, the ability to nurture effective relationships is vital, particularly in business. Trust is the currency of the new economy and without it we are divided and insular. Trust enables connection, expands opportunity and growth"

Fabian Courtaux, Co-Founder of Trusted Negotiator

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We believe negotiation is not just something you do, it is a reflection of who you are. Cognitive competency is not enough for the  type of leadership the future demands.

Better negotiation outcomes employ emotional and spiritual intelligence, as well as strategic smarts. Our 'win with"® approach is a convergence of our thought leadership and real world experience in high stakes negotiation, leadership, behavioural psychology, neuroscience and strategy.

Amplify value in negotiation

Harness the Win-With® approach, and learn how to shift your own and your counterpart’s perspectives to find additional sources of value to grow the outcomes for both parties.

It is no longer enough to negotiate Win-Win outcomes.

Gain confidence and control

Practice how to confidently navigate even the most complex negotiations using the 7-point Framework. Acquire and build your proficiency in using a comprehensive Toolkit that equips you for resolving challenges and deadlocks.

Increase your leadership

A great deal outcome is deeply connected with your overall business purpose, values, culture and strategy. Learn to lead in the dialogue and respond consciously by driving your negotiation priorities without falling into the trap of diversion. Leverage the negotiation strategically to shape the relationship with your counterpart to lead the business forward.

Unlock your potential

Grow in awareness and self-mastery to navigate any interaction with more resilience, engagement and confidence. Develop the mindset and skillset that engages your integrated intelligence (IQ x EQ x SQ) by exploring psychodynamics and how to build trust in every conversation to create not only desired outcomes, but increase value and impact.

Enhance your relationships

Learn how to diffuse tension and aggression at the negotiation table and master the art of transforming the dynamic from combat to collaboration, which leads to greater deal value, harmony and longevity in the relationship. It is no longer sufficient to even think “win-win”; we teach you how to position the negotiation for “win-with” outcomes.

Prepare for success

Understand the importance of preparation and master the methodology of preparing that will position you for success. Learn how to leverage information, diverse team skills, resources and align all internal stakeholders.


A safe space facilitated by two expert negotiators for a small groups of up to 12 participants. 

A dynamic and immersive learning environment. Making mistakes and gaining invaluable personal feedback in a safe space will fast track your development in preparation for real life action.

Real life negotiation scenarios in progressively challenging deal simulations.

The most effective Adult Learning methodology to enable lasting behavioural change that expands over time to result in ongoing positive impact.


"Great energy, a lot of learnings. The power of following a deal cycle and knowing when to ask pertinent questions to get agreement can be crucial in negotiation success. The most valuable part was the "win-with" philosophy and I found the part around Spiritual Intelligence very eye opening. The experiential part was a good way to learn by doing."

Warwick Peel | CEO 

"I have done several negotiation courses throughout my career. This has been more informative and has gone onto far more detail, so now understand that there is far more to negotiation than I’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve learnt a tremendous amount."

Eamon Breen | Key Account Manager

"We went through a great deal of learning, and what I took out in particular was the importance of emotion and soft skills in negotiation as well as the hard skills and process. The simulations were quite intense, but it was great because it allowed us to actively apply what we learnt. Even the difference between the first and second simulation was enormous in terms of our abilities. I would recommend it to everyone in a professional context."

Matthew Long | Senior Consultant

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A 2 day interactive and intensive learning experience facilitated by two expert negotiators. 


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