Difficult conversations are part of doing business. Are you equipped?

Doing business can be like captaining a ship across the unknown towards a coveted shore. You’re on the high seas, building relationships, leading crucial conversations, making deals and negotiating challenges whilst steering towards your goal. There’s a lot at stake and a whole crew depends on you, so without the right tools and preparation, even the best captain can come adrift.

We want you to know you’re not alone. And there is a proven approach and toolkit to negotiate even the toughest deals and conversations.

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Are you missing out?

Feeling concerned that you’re not making the most out of your business deals? Gain insight on how to unlock untapped value in your deals.

“Companies of all sizes leave money on the table because they don't understand the dynamics of the negotiating process.”

- Network World

Are you risking your credibility?

Are your negotiations costing you time, money and credibility? Most people “wing it”, follow instinct, or worse, rely on stereotypes and bad habits picked up from others. Get the right skills.

“Shockingly, only 15% of your financial success is due to technical knowledge. 85% is due to personality and ability to communicate, negotiate, and lead.”

- Carnegie Institute of Technology

Feeling like the underdog?

Collaboration is more effective than combat, but negotiations don’t always go that way. Learn some essential techniques to disarm aggression, counteract destructive power plays, build trust and lead by example.

“People would rather do business with a person they like and trust, even if the likeable person is offering a lower quality product or service at a higher price.”

- Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winning psychologist

Warwick PeelCEO | Future Directors Institute

"Great energy and a lot of learnings. The experiential part was a good way to learn by doing. The most valuable part for me was the “win-with” philosophy and I found the part around Spiritual Intelligence very eye opening. ”



The Trusted Negotiator Masterclass is your launching pad to unlocking more value in your business relationships and feeling fully equipped and confident in crucial conversations.

You’ll leave this Masterclass knowing that there IS a mindset and skillset that ensures you feel more in control of what often feels like a chaotic and stressful negotiation. You’ll also build awareness of which behaviours help or hinder you in making the most out of every deal.

This highly interactive experience will give you the core principles, which you’ll immediately put it into practice and gain real-time feedback from your expert facilitators. Not only is it fun and engaging, but you’ll also come away with tangible take-aways you can use immediately to do business better. You will learn:

  • How old-school negotiation tactics, ploys and gambits destroy your credibility and trust, and what to do instead
  • How to disarm a competitive or bullying counterpart to get collaboration and “win-with” outcomes
  • How to use situations of conflict or dispute to strengthen your relationships
  • How to ensure you do not leave money on the table and secure outstanding value for your business


Adam BeaumontCEO| FSC Australia

“Great course! I loved the way theory and practice were linked together. The facilitators are obviously very experienced and knowledgeable. Got a lot out of it.”

Dina ListmangofCEO | Happy Green

“Understanding the core of negotiation was fantastic and I believe that it provides great value especially for small business owners.”

Damien JaipaulAssociate | Plenary Group

“Most valuable part: Insight into the importance that psychology plays in negotiations. An enjoyable experience and interesting concepts. Thank you!”

Emily Gloyns Procurement Manager | REA Group

“I really enjoyed the session about different approaches, how they impact you, the relationship and the other party. Very useful.”


At the Trusted Negotiator, we know what it’s like to feel lost at sea when it comes to doing deals and navigating conflict. We’ve been there ourselves, with over 200 years’ of combined experience negotiating even the stormiest of waters. from small business and social enterprise to corporate deals and global diplomacy.

We've learnt that doing better business is about a robust mindset and skillset. While tactics are useful, on their own they’re more likely to spark mutiny than foster profitable relationships. Good deals are anchored in an awareness that value comes from emotional intelligence, conscious strategy and trust.

Our goal is to develop, support and connect a global community of Trusted Negotiators, captains of their industry, who can lead their organisations towards success. Welcome aboard!


Fabian Courtaux | Lead Negotiator | Facilitator & Coach

Fabian is a highly experienced high stakes negotiator and adviser with over 20 years’ experience in complex negotiations and dealmaking across five continents and in four languages. He has consulted for and trained hundreds of business leaders in both SME and corporate environments, including Fortune's "100 Best Companies to Work For" and Inc. 500 companies. Fabian's clients range from IT, Engineering, Mining, Oil and Gas, Maritime Infrastructure, Financial Services and Manufacturing, to the Government sector, such as the Australian Department of Defense (DMO) and Aerospace.

Fabian is a highly engaging facilitator who brings his stories and experience at the table to make learning fun and relevant.

Victoria Plaksin | Managing Director | Facilitator & Coach

Victoria has over 19 years’ experience in entrepreneurship and business acceleration. She played key leadership roles in a number of start-ups and scale-ups, combining her entrepreneurial, sales and negotiation, strategy and leadership competencies to enter competitive markets.

Victoria also has over 13 years' experience in training, coaching, mentoring and designing professional development programs, with particular emphasis on EQ and SQ. Qualified in psychotherapy, counseling and conflict resolution, she builds on her passion for human performance and communication to explore their impact on business and negotiation results.

Unlock Relationship Value

Are you endlessly battling over who gets the biggest slice of the pie? You will learn how to put your time and resources into growing it for both sides. At our Bootcamp you will take the steps towards becoming The Trusted Negotiator who always has their eye on the bigger picture, not just the deal of the moment.

From The Outside In

You’ll learn theory and important tactics, but that’s only the surface. Develop awareness of your own behaviour and that of your counterpart so you can give constructive responses, not knee-jerk reactions. Put your insight to work with fun and engaging deal simulations. Making mistakes and gaining invaluable personal feedback in a safe space will fast track your skills development.

Collaboration Over Combat

From high-stakes international deals to the dynamic world of small business, in the most productive and forward-thinking relationships, collaboration beats combat. We know, because our team doesn’t just talk the talk – we’ve walked the walk, with over 200 years of combined experience as negotiators.

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A 3 hour interactive and intensive learning experience facilitated by two expert negotiators. 


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