We learn best by doing, when we feel safe to make mistakes. The Win-With™ Negotiation Bootcamp is an intensive and fully immersive learning and development environment designed to produce deep understanding of key knowledge, provide practical experience in its application and build confidence in implementation.

Our Bootcamp is an intentionally designed online environment to enable a group of 6-10 participants to discover and experiment with ideas, tools, techniques and behaviours in a safe space, facilitated by an experienced Trusted Negotiator. Here, you can first gain the necessary knowledge and tools, then role play, rehearse and practice them in the context of carefully curated and progressively challenging Deal Simulations. Deal Simulations are designed to surface the learnings that are most important and relevant to you right now, regardless of your level of experience.

Enabled by online technology, our Deal Simulations are practiced in small groups with an accompanying real-time coaching debrief by our experienced Facilitator, who provides the essential knowledge content, helps identify and unpack your learning opportunities and “catches the good” in your behaviours.

The Bootcamp is the essential training and preparation for “the Olympics” of your business life that demand the best of you. Be challenged as well as supported to try new ways of “being” and “doing” things that make the biggest impact in negotiations. By going “all in” during Deal Simulations, you will get the essential practice that doesn’t put your company and personal credibility, business value or relationships at risk, so that you can feel confident and fully prepared when it comes to live action.

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Key Takeaways

Discover the 7 Point Negotiation Framework to gain perspective, clarity, direction and control in navigating what is often a chaotic, intense and unpredictable dynamic

Understand the Anatomy of a Deal and how your business Values, Culture and Leadership impact your negotiation process and outcomes

Gain clarity on how to connect your negotiation outcomes with your overall business Strategy to ensure that a “good deal” doesn’t get in the way of what’s good for the business

Get our proprietary Deal Canvas and learn how to use it to prepare for any negotiation, drive the dialogue, and progress towards the optimum deal outcome

Discover how to shift the Negotiation Dynamic from being combative or competitive to being collaborative, in order to unlock more value in the deal

Master how to counteract bullying and aggressive behaviours at the negotiation table

Learn how to build Trust in your strategic relationships and how to use negotiation opportunities to realise dormant Value

Become a Trusted Negotiator

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