This is an opportunity to expand one’s awareness and be empowered to deal with your business’s key stakeholders – clients, investors, suppliers, buyers or sales people. The Masterclass offers practical tools to navigate your “accountable moments” and make a positive impact in crucial conversations. In this interactive and engaging session you will discover the foundation principles of Win-With Negotiation and start to develop the skillset and mindset of a Trusted Negotiator. This session is suitable for all skill levels.

  • Learn what is and what isn’t negotiation and when to use this invaluable business/life skill
  • Debunk some common myths about negotiating
  • Discover the essence of Win-With Negotiation methodology 
  • Discover the Negotiation Dynamic required to unlock more Value
  • Acquire tools to apply immediately in your negotiations and crucial conversations

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Key Takeaways

Discover the 7 Point Negotiation Framework to gain perspective, clarity, direction and control in navigating what is often a chaotic, intense and unpredictable dynamic

Understand the Anatomy of a Deal and how your business Values, Culture and Leadership impact your negotiation process and outcomes

Gain clarity on how to connect your negotiation outcomes with your overall business Strategy to ensure that a “good deal” doesn’t get in the way of what’s good for the business

Get our proprietary Deal Canvas and learn how to use it to prepare for any negotiation, drive the dialogue, and progress towards the optimum deal outcome

Discover how to shift the Negotiation Dynamic from being combative or competitive to being collaborative, in order to unlock more value in the deal

Master how to counteract bullying and aggressive behaviours at the negotiation table

Learn how to build Trust in your strategic relationships and how to use negotiation opportunities to realise dormant Value

Accor Win With Negotiation Bootcamp - Online

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