WinWith™ Deal Canvas

Deal preparation is at the core of a successful negotiation. The WinWith™ Deal Canvas is the starting point for co-creation and creativity in negotiation. Capture the unimagined value in the deal.


Think about the overall context and the outcomes of the relationship, before thinking about the terms or trading elements of the deal.

Team Alignment

Allocate roles to the negotiation team and ensure you all are playing off the one strategy and intentions are aligned.


Determine your mandate. Has the deal owner established the conditions and expectations?

Sources of Power

What are your needs and wants? Identify your sources of power. What could make them move?

Information Disclosure

Gain clarify on what information can be disclosed. What information do you need to ask for?

Relationship Dynamic

Rank your relationship dynamic - where it is right now. Think about this relationship long term and where you want it to go. Define your intention to achieve it.

Deal Zone

Evaluate the Deal Zone. Each side will have an acceptable deal zone for each of the deal variables. Determine your own, and anticipate the stakeholder's deal zone.

Stakeholder Preparation

Repeat the same process for your stakeholder's team. What do you know for sure? What are their needs and wants? What sources of power?

Trading Variables

What are the trading variables across all aspects of the deal? What do you have flexibility on? Make sure that price is the last thing you think about and ensure you remain flexible.