There is no silver bullet to becoming an excellent negotiator. As with training a muscle or polishing any skill, becoming a Trusted Negotiator requires development of the essential mindset, acquiring the necessary toolkit and then building your repertoire of experience that can be translated into habitual behaviour in your daily live action. All three components are essential and progressively acquired, as any binge learning or one-hit-wonder programs rarely yield results.

Consequently, the path to becoming a Trusted Negotiator always starts with completing our flagship WinWith™ Bootcamp and then participating in a series of Deal Room simulations, at your desired pace of development (we recommend once a month).

WinWith™ Bootcamp

3x 0.5 days

The WinWith™ Negotiation Bootcamp is an intensive and fully immersive learning and development environment designed to produce deep understanding of key knowledge, provide practical experience in its application and build confidence in implementation.

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Deal Room

3 hours

WinWith™ Bootcamp Alumni are invited to participate in our unique Deal Room program, a monthly opportunity to jump into a 3-hour Deal Simulation with participants from other businesses and industries to further embed your knowledge, practice, and refine your negotiation skills.

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