This is an opportunity to expand one’s awareness and be empowered to deal with your business’s key stakeholders – clients, investors, suppliers, buyers or sales people. The Masterclass offers practical tools to navigate your “accountable moments” and make a positive impact in crucial conversations. In this interactive and engaging session you will discover the foundation principles of Win-With Negotiation and start to develop the skillset and mindset of a Trusted Negotiator. This session is suitable for all skill levels.

  • Learn what is and what isn’t negotiation and when to use this invaluable business/life skill
  • Debunk some common myths about negotiating
  • Discover the essence of Win-With Negotiation methodology 
  • Discover the Negotiation Dynamic required to unlock more Value
  • Acquire tools to apply immediately in your negotiations and crucial conversations

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Accor Win With Negotiation Masterclass - Online

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