Deal Support

Our team of negotiators and facilitators have experience across most sectors of industry, but with specialties in international relations, military, sports, energy, packaging, raw materials, transport, technology, and with international deals of all sizes up to $200bn. Put some fire power behind your negotiations.


Team Capability

Corporate negotiation, as a tightly choreographed team, unlocks unrealised potential in the deal, and collectively makes for greater impact. Develop confidence and creativity in your negotiations using a robust preparation and WinWith™ framework that empowers your team. Business, like life, is ultimately human. Empowers and consolidates your team to co-create maximum value.


SME & Leader Coaching & Training

Through SME specific deal support, consulting and coaching small business owners have the firepower behind their important deals. Training in Deal Preparation, Deal Strategies and Deal Simulations provides the framework to take WinWith™ Negotiation to your business deals and your difficult conversations. Unlock unprecedented value in the deals with conscious business practices.


See more about our public training in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane for a program near you.

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