Win-With™ Negotiation Fundamentals

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At Trusted Negotiator, we believe that negotiation is not just something you do, but a reflection of who you are. Becoming a Trusted Negotiator is both a personal and professional journey of distinction. It’s a journey of self mastery in strategic relationships and negotiations using our proprietary Win-With™ methodology, paved in step-by-step milestones that you can complete at your own pace, with our professional mentorship and dedicated support.

Win-With™ Negotiation Fundamentals is the beginning of your transformational journey to become a Trusted Negotiator. In this thorough, step-by-step and highly engaging online course you will gain all the essential knowledge, concepts, tools and frameworks to unlocking unprecedented value in your deals. This is the essential learning before gaining access to the Trusted Negotiator Bootcamp. In Win-With™ Negotiation Fundamentals you will:

  1. Learn what is and what isn’t negotiation and when to use this invaluable business/life skill.
  2. Debunk some common myths, traps and costly mistakes about negotiating.
  3. Discover essence of Win-With™ Negotiation methodology and the necessary mindset of a Trusted Negotiator
  4. Learn how to use the Win-With™ Deal Navigator to gain perspective, clarity, direction and control in what is often a chaotic, tense and unpredictable environment
  5. Develop a robust methodology and use the Win-With™ Deal Canvas for preparation, alignment, review and adjustment to progress negotiations for optimum deal outcome
  6. Understand the Anatomy of a Deal and how your business Values, Culture and Leadership impact your negotiation process and outcomes
  7. Unlock dormant value and improve stakeholder relationships by leveraging Win-With™ Negotiation Dynamic
  8. Master various sources of Power and strategies to disarm and counteract bullying or aggressive behaviours at the table
  9. Discover how to build Trust to unlock untapped Value in your strategic relationships
  10. Learn the principles of Connected Communication to build common ground with your counterpart, uncover real needs, craft and pitch proposals and build Trust
  11. Dive into Psychodynamics to
    • understand how all decisions are made and how to influence this process
    • manage perceptions of Power and Value
    • leverage your own and your counterpart’s emotional triggers for deeper influence
    • Gain clarity on how to connect your negotiations with overall business Strategy to ensurethat a “good deal” doesn’t get in the way of what’s good for the business
  12. Gain all the necessary knowledge, tools and preparation to apply immediately in your everyday life and work, or gain practical experience, confidence and skill via Win-With™ Bootcamp and Deal Room simulations.




Win-With™ Negotiation Fundamentals
(online learning modules)

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